Doggie Daycare

Relaxed and Happy Pet

After a day of play at NTPR, your dog will be the most content!

Invaluable Social Skills

We will properly introduce your dog to other dogs staying at our resort so they may begin a fun day of play.

Proper Outlet

Your dog will have ample space to let their energy out.

Needed Exercise

We will provide the needed exercise for your dog to create a balanced lifestyle.

Deter Alone Time and Separation Anxiety

Your dog will not be alone like they would be if they stayed home. At NTPR, your dog will have a great social experience.

Bone-Shaped Doggy Pool

  • Salt Generator and Ozonator which reduces harsh chemical effects and leaves your family members’ coast and skin silky and healthy.
  • Beach Entry with 4″ to 5′ depth to accommodate all dog skill and size needs.

Large Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Gives your pet plenty of room to stretch their lets and play!

Trained, Professional and Loving Staff

We are always attentive to your family members needs.


Walk-in Daycare Fees
Full Day of Daycare$30 per day
Half Day of Daycare$18 per day
1/2 day is either Mon-Fri: 7am–1pm or Sat: 1/2 day from 8:30am–1pm. Arrivals before then will be considered a full day.
Daycare with Boarding
Full Day with Boarding$25 per day
Half Day with Boarding$15 per day
Special Packages
10 Day Walk-In Package$270

Please Note: Seasonal or peak pricing may apply to your pet’s visit.