Pet Boarding

Private Villas

All-enclosed rooms with private web-cams, beds with fresh linens, and TVs to provide a comforting ambiance reminiscent of being at home.

Spacious Villas

All high-end laminate villas with inside air conditioning/heating and elevated bedding.

Pass-Thru Doors

Limited Available in King and Queen Villas for family members next door to make one big suite.

Bone-Shaped Doggy Pool

  • Salt Generator and Ozonator which reduces harsh chemical effects and leaves your family members’ coat and skin silky and healthy.
  • Beach Entry with 4″ to 5′ depth to accommodate all dog skill and size needs.

Large Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Gives your pet plenty of room to stretch their lets and play!

Surround Sound Music

Music is played throughout the resort to create the perfect environment for your pet. High-energy music during the day and quiet, relaxing music during nap times and at night will create a truly luxurious experience for your furry friend.

Separate Air Handling-Heating and Cooling Systems

Available for both cats and dogs that can be changed 5-6 times per hour with special air filters manufactured for pet facilities to ensure freshest of air.

On-Premise Water Treatment Facility

Ensures our family members are receiving the purest water for drinking as well as Heat Sanitized Dishes

Safety and Security

  • 24-hour video surveillance cameras throughout
  • 24-hour security and fire monitoring

Trained, Professional and Loving Staff

We are always attentive to your family members needs.



Queen Villas
1st Dog$36 per night
2nd Dog - Same Villa$27 per night
King Villas
1st Dog$43 per night
2nd Dog - Same Villa$30 per night
Luxury Private Villas
Includes: Private Suite, TV, Bed, Web Cam Access, Special Lighting
1st Dog$58 per night
2nd Dog - Same Villa$39 per night

Additional dog boarding – %30 off


1 Cat$21 per night
2nd Cat - Same Condo$18 per night


Birds, Rodentia, ReptilesEach Guest - $10 per night


Medical Administration$3
Peanut Butter Kong$5
Dog/Cat ice creams$4
NTPR House Food$5 per day
Daily Check In and Photo
Text or Email
$8 per day
Private Swim Lesson
15 Minutes
Private Daycare Fee (one on one)$3 per half (on top pf regular daycare price)

Please Note: Seasonal or peak pricing may apply to your pet’s visit.