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Pet Boarding

Whether you have a popular pet like a dog, or a more exotic pet like a reptile, we will board them here with us. Our boarding rooms provide everything any pet of your could ever need!

Overhead view of New Tampa Pet Resort building and play yards
Overhead view of New Tampa Pet Resort building and play yards


We have two different type of villas that offer unique experiences depending on the personality, temperament, size and breed of your dog. Learn more about the different types of rooms to make sure that you are finding the best fit for your furry little friend.

Private Villas

Our private villas are fully enclosed rooms with private web cams for monitoring at all times. These villas include beds with fresh linens, and TVs. This creates a relaxing atmosphere similar to one your pet would experience at home. This makes the transition to staying with us that much easier.

Spacious Villas

Do you feel like the private villas are too small for your pet? Do they like more room to roam? If the answer is yes, then our spacious villas are the right fit for you. These high-end, laminate villas come with inside air conditioning and heating as well as elevated bedding. This room fits the needs of our bigger pets and the ones that are more active or anxious while they stay with us.

*Pass-thru doors are available in some of our King and Queen Villas so siblings staying in separate rooms can visit one another.



Queen Villas

1st Dog -- $36/night

2nd Dog/ same villa -- $27/night

King Villas

1st Dog -- $43/night

2nd Dog/ same villa -- $30/night

Luxury Private Villas

1st Dog -- $58/night

2nd Dog/ same villa -- $41/night


1 Cat condo -- $21/night

2nd Cat/ same condo -- $18/night


Exotics (Birds, Rodentia, reptiles)

 Each guest $10

Play Packages

Bronze --$16: - 1/2 day of daycare and a treat

Silver -- $27 - Full day of daycare, check in photo, and a treat

Gold -- $30 - Full day of daycare, tuck in service, check in photo, and a treat

Extra Services

Medical Administration -- $3

Peanut Butter Kong -- $5

Dog/Cat Ice Creams -- $4

NTPR House Food -- $5/day

Daily Check-In and Photo -- $8/day

Private Swim Lessons (15 minutes) -- $10

Private Daycare Fee (one on one) -- $3 per half (on top of regular daycare price)

Soothing Service -- $6 - A calming chew treat with probiotic and a lavender mist spray

Calming Cuddle Service -- $ 15 - Cuddle time with staff at tuck in, a calming chew treat with probiotic, and a lavender mist spray