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About Us

 Dogs being held by two staff members

About Us

Here at New Tampa Pet Resort we are here to handle your pet needs. We offer boarding for dogs and cats. We will provide your pet with a safe home away from home while you are gone or unable to take care of them. Our certified dog groomers work tirelessly to make sure your pup gets the perfect cut. We also offer many different types of toys and treats that you can purchase while you pick-up or drop-off your pets.

The reason we are so successful here is because we focus on safety and we really care about all of the animals that are with us. We work with each individual pet to make sure that they are as comfortable as they would be at home. It's our love for the animals and our attention to detail that makes every animal that stays with us eager to come back.

Dog standing in pool with water dripping

Amenities & Special Features

Our amazing building and amenities allow us to provide high-quality services that are hard to find at other resorts. One unique feature is our surround sound music that plays throughout the resort. This really enhances the mood of the building and aids in creating a soothing and relaxing environment for the animals. It's hard for pets to adjust to being away from home, and the music is a key tool to easing their transition to staying with us.

On top of the music, we have controlled heating and cooling system as well as an on-premise water treatment facility. These both ensure that your pet is as healthy and comfortable as they can be. The cooling/heating system can be changed 5-6 times/hour with special air filters to ensure the freshest of air. The water treatment facility ensures that the water we give your pet is the cleanest and freshest it could possibly be.