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Dog Daycare

Our wonderful Dog Daycare not only provides your dogs with a space to get their energy out, but it also provides many benefits that will help your pups gain the skills they need to live a happy and productive life with you.

Dog tugging on a purple and yellow rope toy.
Dog tugging on a purple and yellow rope toy.

Many places have daycare, but the Dog Daycare at New Tampa Pet Resort offers things that you will not be able to find anywhere else. We focus on providing a unique and beneficial experience for all the dogs so they will not want to leave. Bringing your dog to our daycare yard will benefit them both internally and externally. They will walk away a better pup!

A Relaxed and Happy Pet: Daycare is perfect for those pets who just need an outlet for their energy. Whether you they don't have anyone to play with at home, or they are home alone while you are at work, our daycare yard will match your pup up with another dog to play with. We will match them up with someone who shares the same energy level to make sure that your furry little friend is preoccupied and having fun all day. By the time you pick them up at the end of the day, they will be pooped!

Invaluable Social Skills: We will properly introduce your dog to other dogs staying at our resort so they may begin a fun day of play. Even if your dog seems perfect at home, they may need some work around other dogs who don't share their temperament level. Our trained staff will introduce your dog to the many other dogs we have staying with us to help your pup gain social skills that he/she will take for the rest of their life. For those dogs that are good meeting other dogs, practicing and getting refreshers in the yard will ensure they stay perfect.

Need Exercise: Some dogs do not act crazy when left alone, but are naturally sleepers that like to relax. If you find it hard to motivate your four-legged friend to get up an exercise than our daycare yard can help you with that. There is nothing like a bunch of other dogs playing to convince your pup to join in. Many dogs that are sedentary at home play a lot when they come to visit us. On top of that, if your dog still isn't interested, our trained staff will do their best to entice your dog to play.

Indoor and Outdoor Area: Our yard consists if a huge indoor and outdoor play area. This allows us to house many dogs while still keeping everyone safe. Dogs can choose where they want to play and can roam around in either part of the yard. This gives your dogs' options, allowing the hyper ones to play and the tired ones to sleep without interference.


*Half Day = Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. OR Saturday 8:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. Arrivals before those times will be considered a full day.

Walk-In Daycare Fees

1st Dog Full Day -- $30/day

2nd Dog Full Day -- $24/day

Half Day Private Daycare -- $18/day

Daycare with Boarding

Full Day -- $25/day

Half Day -- $15/day

Half Day One-on-One Private Daycare -- $10


1 Dog 10 Day Package -- $270

2 Dogs 10 Day Package -- $486