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New Tampa Pet Resort


Do you want to give your pet a special gift for being so great? At our retail store we have a variety of toys, treats and accessories that you and your pets are sure to love! From bagels, cannolis, pupcakes, doughnuts, seasonal cookies to specialized birthday cakes, we have every tasty treat your dog will drool over.

Chews and Treats

Spoil your pooch with something tasty to chew! We have a great selection of healthy and safe doggy chews and treats to choose from. Your dog is gonna love trying all of our delicious flavors of the many different type of treats that we have.

Pet Odor Eliminator Products

Stinky odors can ruin even the most intimate of moments with your pooch. Don't let these smells get in the way of the important quality time you share with your dog. We have a variety of odor reducing and eliminating products that will surely help clear up those smells. People coming in to your house won't even know that you have a dog!

Grooming Products

Take the grooming experience home with our selection of dog grooming products. After all, a clean dog is a happy dog! By purchasing our grooming products you can keep up with the work our wonderful groomers do. By maintaining your dog's coat you will ensure that they stay looking brand new for months!

Dog Toys

We have a ton of different dog toys, ensuring that you will be able to find that special one that your dog will love. Your pet will be squeaking with joy when they see our wide selection of dog toys. Play time starts at New Tampa Pet Resort!